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Hemp synonymous with "super fibre" is made from the fibres in the herbaceous plant of the species cannabis sativa. It’s a high-yield crop that produces significantly more fibre per acre than either cotton or flax.
Hemps’ tensile strength is eight times that of cotton fibre.
Fabrics made from hemp are hypo-allergenic and non-irritating to the skin.
Hemp materials will also soften with age and with each washing.
This eco fabric will also protect you from the sun with its UV resistant qualities.
The super-supple fabric created from these fibres mimics the hand-feel of silk but can easily pass off as cotton to the untrained eye. This biodegradable, natural fibre is made from the stem of the banana tree and is so incredibly durable that the Japanese even tried making their currency out of it!

Banana fabric is beautiful, animal-free textile with a natural sheen that replicates real silk and is a great choice for sustainable and eco-friendly textile.

In summers, a shirt made from banana fabric is considered very comfortable due to its quality of water absorption.

Fabrics made from these fibres have good shine, are light weight, and have quick moisture absorption quality.


Yes, you guessed it! We’re talking about linen, your easy-breezy summer companion. Did you know? Linen is also great for your winter wardrobe - it’s hollow-fiber structure makes linen a natural insulator, keeping you cool in the summertime and warm in the dead of winter.

Did you know that wearing linen can make you feel 3 to 4 degrees cooler than cotton or, even worse, silk.

It gets softer after each wash.

For those going on vacation in the tropics or spending a lot of time outdoors, another cool fact to not is that Linen can give you an even better sun protection when compared to cotton.


Apparently “milk casein” fiber was used in many clothing and household items in America and Europe during the 1930s and ’40s. Main components of this fibre are caseinproteins, drawn from the cow’s milk.

Milk protein is hygienic and flexible. It is highly smooth, sheen and delicate.

It is moisture absorbent, permeable and heat resistant.

It is colour fast and easily dyeable and requires no special care because of its natural protein base. 

It is renewable, biodegradable and eco- friendly fabric.



Soybean protein fiber is praised as the health, comfortable and green fiber of the new century. Its major material is soybean protein from the farmers, massive in quantity and inexpensive in price. Soybean protein fiber meets the people's demand of comfortable and beautiful wearing and also conforms to the trend of easy care. 
The production of soybean protein fiber will not bring pollution to the environment, while the residue after the protein extracted can be still used as feed.
It is an active fiber, a new gree textile fiber, and it possesses the superiorities of many natural fibers and synthesized ones. Its products are degradable. 
You will never have felt such softness, comfort and smoothness before; it is a feeling like "skin on skin". 
Its 16 amino acids are healthy and nutritional to people's skin.
Its moisture absorption, ventilation, draping and warmth cover the superior
Performances of natural fibers and synthetic ones.
Soybean protein fibre has antibacterial properties.
Its anti-ultraviolet property is superior to cotton fibre.
The lotus flower is adored for its characteristic of rising above the muddy water, indicating how one can rise above defilements of life. Apart from motivation for life, the plant also provides fibres which are used for making a rare kind of cloth matching with the flawless virtues of the silk.
Extracting fibres from lotus stems have been in practice since 1910. Later during the 90's designers of Japan setup workshops to create a foreign market for their fabric.
Lotus plant is believed to have healing abilities and wearing a fabric made from lotus fibres is also believed to have the same effects.
Lotus plants are pure by virtue, and they radiate this purity through their fibres.
By wearing lotus fibre fabrics, one feels calm, peaceful and meditative.
It also cures the wearer from headaches, heart ailments, asthma, and lung issues.

The fabrics are 100 percent organic, and hence are environmentally friendly.


Amar Nath Ghosh

Have you any gents shirt piece?

Amar Nath Ghosh

Have you any gents fabric or shirt piece?

Amar Nath Ghosh

I want to purchase 2 mts lotus fiber fabric for men

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