Care for clothes during this lockdown!


 We must have seen many things in life…but for most of us this Pandemic is a very unique experience. An experience or should I call it a whirlwind of emotions and as we go through all this, we have new found respect for our material possession or things that already belong with us. We want to be carefully maintain for its long life.

On that note The House of Akshar will help you take care of the things in your wardrobe, your clothes. Cotton clothes are found in wardrobes from little angels to our elderly souls and if you feel stuck on how to take care of your clothes you are in the right place. We have some great tips for you.

Love your cotton, Tip no.1

If you have dark coloured cotton clothes, wash them in cold water so as to avoid colour bleeding and shrinkage because no one fancies a faded look.

Sustain your cotton, Tip no 2.

If you desire that your clothes should season after season, always wash your clothes inside out to protect your favourites tops, kurta and shirts from getting ruined forever.

Heal your cotton, Tip 3

It is best to use steam iron your cotton clothes, rather than just iron to maintain and enhance the durability of the cotton and for smooth ironing.

Protect your cotton, Tip 4

Dryers are the enemy of your cotton clothes, air drying your cotton clothes will help the fibres. Avoid using pins while drying clothes, as clothes can take the shape of the pins.

Maintain your clothes, Tip 5

You can create fabric softener’s at home using just basic home ingredients like Epsom salt, Vinegar and Essential oils which will keep your clothes fully and smell nice always.

So here are five ways to keep your cotton clothes healthy and strong. Don’t let the Pandemic break your wardrobe. Don’t worry we are in this together and This Shall to Pass.

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