We the generation of modern achievers, we who love our fast paced life, we who did no to stop or halt, Are now stagnant. Lockdown is our current reality and it is difficult…but we also know how to dream.

We dream of a better tomorrow, today we are bored panicked and frustrated…but tomorrow we will be chilling with our friends. Relaxing in the arms of our loved ones. We will be amidst the nature, nurturing each other. Even though today is gloomy but this is what we say to ourselves, THIS TO SHALL PASS.

In this difficult time may our positive thoughts reach you and your family, for those who stay alone you are always in our prayers. To see a better tomorrow we need only two things right now i.e Self-control and an ability to dream.

Pandemics are tragic events that have happened in the history of mankind and so is the one happening right now. However, being strong is our strength and we have learnt things in the meanwhile. Some lessons to remember after this end. 

We as humans will know multiple of our own strengths like SELF-CONTROL, ability to ACCEPT people, our Perseverance.

We will also learn how to Nurture Mother Earth as it is of prime importance.
And our ability to Dream, A dream of a day at the beach, warm sand at our feet, and waves touching us and gentling saying hello, the sun shining on us! Oh, what a day.

Live and breathe the dream, believe it till it becomes real. And mind you IT WILL BE REAL. Until then be ready with the proper attire.

See below our beach inspired sustainable outfits.

Feel and see the sand at your feet. The calming fuzzy feeling in your heart, wearing our Purple soak dress made from Banana fibre fabric.  

Spawn out on the sand and feel the balmy breeze on your face. Wear our Salmon saga skirt with Salt water taffy top made from lotus fabric and milk fabric respectively.  

stare at the water, dream of dipping your feet in it, wear our See-saw see- Sea shirt made from the soya fabric. 




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