Ultimate guide to Artsy fashion

Today is a very special day as I am writing an blog very close to my heart. Let me begin with an anecdote of a girl who loved fashion, “Every person has their own way of expressing. Some express through music, some via cooking but there was a girl who expressed herself through clothes. Not rich but definitely a connoisseur in fashion, she would borrow her mother’s traditional Paithani saree and pair it with her brother’s grungy t-shirt and was ready to run her errands. People had their opinions about her way of dressing but she mercilessly ignored it and went on to create her perfect combinations without caring about the World. Her experimentations with fashion were often called as Artsy.”
Now you might be wondering what exactly is this Artsy fashion? So ladies let me take you through todays blog that will speak about 'FASHION and ART' which according to me are best friends. I believe they are two sides of the same coin.
Ladies, if you are a fan of bold colours, print on print, and experimental fashion then this is definitely the place for you. We went ahead and experimented with our knowledge of Artsy fashion and managed to create this wonderful fashion photo gallery for you to enjoy. So without any further ado let’s begin.
Saree blouse and a skirt is definitely a combination that you would love to rock at any party. Experimental yet chic. We wanted to play around with accessories, choker was the best option with tied back hair. Sneakers added the final charm of comfort to the outfit, making it look whole. Ladies, this outfit will look an absolute stellar on any one who is up for some fun.
Denim is such a nonchalant piece of clothing which has won the hearts of many. Ladies, if you are up for some fun then this is how you can recreate this look, first take a denim jacket - preferably an oversized denim jacket. Add a very feminine dress to the look. Finally, to complete the look use bindi on your forehead, Indian bangles and you are ready to rock this very unique Desi Denim look.
Colour block is the most fun fashion concept after print on print, and we had to explore the look. So here is our absolutely beautiful model in some of the most beautiful colours. Purple kurta with the mint pants were a killer combination to begin with. However, we wanted to take the colour blocking concept to next level so we added a mustard fenny bag. Legends say that classic sunglasses never go wrong, which is true in our case. So ladies, enjoy the season of colours and experiment with your favourite colours of the season.
Print on print is a tricky business but an eye candy if done right. The challenges in this look enticed us to take it up and here we are with this diva virtually standing in front of you. Print on print is the easiest way to make a boring outfit a superstar but do remember the rule- keep the background colour of your outfit similar. So go ahead pick-up those prints in your wardrobe and rule the fashion world.
The next look we are presenting is the true representation of Artsy chic. It was a task to keep things sophisticated and artsy, but we successfully nailed with the look. The basic silhouette of the printed dress with the very trendy puffed sleeve can complement many body types, club it with a nice belt and sophisticated purse and you are good to go. This minimalistic artsy look can be an absolute delight to wear in the summer season.
Truth of self-love is self-expression and it is the mantra of a happy life, and for this look we followed the mantra expression. Our stunning model is wearing a sea green velvet dress with a jacket over it. We added a belt to further accentuate the look. This is how the magic of layering is explored in the look. This look is the answer to look like a million bucks.
So ladies, experiment with colours, prints layering and much more because life is too short to wear conventional clothes.
P.S. The House of Akshar loves you

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