“Handkerchief” your weapon amidst the crisis

COVID-19- declared as a pandemic made our bile’s rise to our throats.  It has been advised to keep our personal hygiene as the top priority. It’s a “prevention is better than cure” situation. We are consuming disposable masks and tissues etc. at a staggering rate to keep ourselves at bay from the novel coronavirus.

We know it’s necessary to keep yourself safe from the feared COVID-19; but be mindful every time you take a tissue after you wash your hands or blowing your nose!

The recent images of empty shelves in place of sanitizers and face masks, disposable tissues have got us all riled up and worried! The consumption rate it staggering! 

Surely there can be a safer and superior alternative right? Off course there is!

Our hypoallergenic & anti-bacterial lotus fabric handkerchiefs.

Our handy dandy handkerchiefs can be your best friend in times of distress. Use it instead of your-not-so best friend Disposable tissues. Keep it handy in your bag or pocket, use it every time you have the urge to sneeze or cough.

Dry your hands after every handwash with it. Keep it by your side all day, then put in the laundry pile in the evening.


Next day rinse and repeat your dependable handkerchief.


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