Love Audrey Hepburn? Go gamine then!

We wish to ask you something? A question at the beginning of the blog is not very lucrative but what is life without risks so let us ask you: What do you think makes a woman? 
A woman is layers and layers of character stacked one upon another like the inside of a delicious chocolate cake. Layers of goodness, naughtiness, honesty, love, motherhood, jealously, hard work and many others. These layers, funnily enough, reflect in her day to day life but most importantly in her style and fashion sense. One such layer, we want to indulge further is rightly described as mischievous, naughty, feminine and always ready to have fun. To give you a hint, Audrey Hepburn is the person who inspired it. Yes, you have guessed it right we are talking about Gamine style. Comfortable, feminine with a boyish charm, frills and collars, we have nothing but praises for this style. Enough for us to get our gear and models ready to shoot the look.
With summer around the corner, we took nature’s advice and opted for the pretty pastel. Peter pan collars and cropped pants are actually a killer combination. And the cherry on the cake is definitely the head gear- a simple scarf. Full stop on the look is the stunner nude bag. The style can be simple but the elegance is the soul of this look.
Tan and Orange are a match made in heaven. We absolutely are gaga about this mischievous and fun look. The white poufy sleeved top was ruling the runway and now also our blog. The tan jumpsuit dress has the old world charm that takes you on a vintage ride. And nothing is complete without a bow is our new learning.
This look is a perfect example of how important are accessories to enhance a style. This elegant look is elevated many folds all credits to the heroic sunglasses and the iconic scarf. We are sure your desire to become a stylish voyager has ignited.
Summer dreams are the perfect abbreviation for this dress. Style is not just about colors, accessories and having it all but about also letting one thing speak. The silhouette, the details of neckline and sleeves are the representation of Gamine style coming alive.
For inspiration, we have always reached to fashion magazines, TV and now Instagram but seldom do we turn to women of age. On the day of the shoot, we were pleasantly surprised as our model had already sourced the best possible accessories from her own closet. We created a black on black canvas upon which she painted her elegance. 
So to all the women who read so far, always remember: style is everywhere
P.S. The House of Akshar loves you

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