The Sun was shining bright and mild breeze was making the atmosphere all the more pleasant and this was the day we decided to do a fashion walk. Fashion walk in the city to understand what are the people loving to wear? What new trends have taken off? Etc. Well we can’t wait any longer to dive into our finds.

I have heard many things about fashion, like fashion is all about comfort, fashion is subjective, it is inspired by the ordinary so on and so forth but many things fell into perspective when I actually started noticing the day to day fashion of the ordinary.  

We all have must have heard about the trend print on print, which is an absolute trendsetter when done right and complete disaster when you miss the nuance of the trend. We should now look at the women who are absolutely rocking this trend so organically in their day to day life. This raw and beautiful form of the trend that we see on the runway is just a breath of fresh air. Ironically this breathe of fresh air came from a fish market.  So women let us enjoy trends done right.



The magic of serenity lies in comfort. Comfort one can seek in many forms one of which is clothing, whilst trends will be in and out but one should primarily look for comfort like the woman in our pictures.

In their daily ritual, after waking up in the morning I am sure they are not just thinking about how to look fashionable. Yet here they are being their best version in their perfect attires selling fish like a boss.

So ladies even you can rock a print on print and by not going overboard. Keep it subtle and play around in same colour family and look serene like the women in the picture.




We were passing this vegetable vendor and spotted the most amazing inspiration for a Desi athleisure look. Effortless is the word to define this look, we all can take inspirations to pull of the look by pairing a saree with the sporty jacket and create a fashion buzz. The women in the photograph had a Lady Boss attitude so apart from her style her attitude is what made her more special to us.



Bold is defined as being out there, being in your face etc. Isn’t it absolutely breadth taking to see a woman boldly carrying herself and her flaws, her prejudices, her hardships. When this boldness takes shape in the form of their choices and decision it is a divine pleasure. Boldness is sheer confidence in oneself. These women embodied confidence to wear their the bold colours and prints and not let their styles over power them. So Ladies and Gentlemen here is a chance to wear contrasting primary colours then rock the look like nobody’s business. Contrasting colours and prints can give you that absolute edge in style.




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