Besides offering the best handkerchiefs in the world, we also have an amazing range of more sustainability. 
In this endeavour, we have identified a wide range of organic fabrics which have been responsibly produced from 100%Natural sources. 
The house of Akshar redefines sustainability as a personal lifestyle choice that we all need to make for a better future for ourselves and Planet earth. 
At the heart of our brand lies the pre-eminent need for fashion to be comfortable which is fulfilled by our feather-lite breathable fabrics. 
With our range of organic fabrics, we guarantee utmost ease, so that you can enjoy sustainable clothing all day, everyday!
We have the most widespread collection of sustainable fabrics. We have fabrics made from Lotus; Hemp; Soya; Milk & Banana. 
Lotus fabric:
Apart from motivation for life, the plant also provides filers which are used in developing a rare kind of fabric, matching with the flawless virtue of the silk. Extracting filers from the lotus stem have been in practice since 1910. Later during the 90’s designers of japan setup workshops to create a foreign market for their inherit fabric. 
The unique abilities it posses- 
Softens with every wash 
Mimics the feel of silk.                   
Soya fabric:
The making of soya bean fabric is the most non-polluting process, as there is no by product that could not be of use. It is an active fibre, a new green textile fibre, it posses the qualities of superior natural and synthesised fabrics. you will never have felt such softness, comfort and smoothness before. it is the feeling of “skin on skin” 
The unique abilities it posses- 
Its 16 amino acids are healthy and nutrias to human skin
it posses anti- bacterial properties 
it UV blocking property is far superior to your cottons 
banana fabric:
The super-supple fabric created from these filers mimics the hand feel of silk, but can easily pass off as cotton to the untrained eye. This biodegradable , natural fibre is made from the stem of the banana plantation. It is so durable that the japanese even tried to make their currency from it. 
Banana fabric is beautiful, animal free textile with a natural sheen that replicates real silk and is a great choice for a sustainable and eco-friendly textile. 
In summers a shirt made from banana fabric is considered very comfortable due to its superior quality of water absorption.
fabrics made using these filers have a good shine, are light weight and have a very quick moisture absorption quality. 
Hemp fabric:
Hemp is synonymous with “super fiber” is made from the filers in the herbaceous plant of the species cannabis sativa. It is a high yield crop that produces significantly more fibre per acre than either cotton or flax. 
The unique abilities it posses-
Hemp’s tensile strength is 8 times that of cotton 
fabrics made from hemp are hypoallergenic and non irritating to the skin. 
hemp material will also soften with age and washing
it has very good UV protection qualities.