The House of Akshar is the solution for every person seeking to lead a sustainable lifestyle. We, at The House of Akshar refuse to accept Oxford Dictionary’s definition for sustainability as the “avoidance of the depletion of natural resources in order to maintain an ecological balance.”

We believe that sustainability is the lone voice of reason in the ongoing fashion retail snafu and instead redefine sustainability as a personal lifestyle choice we all need to make for a better future for us and for planet Earth. And at the heart of sustainability lies one crucial element – YOU.  Sustainability is a personal choice we all need to make in order to save the Earth, albeit in style!In this crusade, we play our part with a creative range of sustainable clothing which is not just sustainable but also functional for your use and designed for all-day comfort.

One fine day, the Earth may stand still – but not under our watch! We have one war-cry, and that is – Let’s make responsibility fashionable



Our philosophy is simple and straightforward, albeit not entirely altruistic – we DO want to live longer and on a greener planet. To this end, we aim to be SUSTAINABLE by helping protect the Earth for a better future for all of us and using 100% organic fabrics and trims. We are also CONSCIOUS of our  production processes which enable sustainability of Earth’s resources such as organic dyeing and controlled fabric consumption to avoid wastage. This does not mean that we neglect the most important aspect of 21st century clothing – making it FUNCTIONAL. We keep your needs and utility in mind and ensure even small details like pockets are actually usable in storing absolute essentials, like your phone!

At the heart of our brand lies the pre-eminent need for fashion to be COMFORTABLE, which is fulfilled by our feather-light, breathable fabrics and carefully engineered designs. With our range of organic fabrics, weguarantee the utmost ease, so you can enjoy sustainable clothing all day, everyday!

We live by our principles of sustainability, conscious production processes, and functional designs to bring only the utmost comfort for you. In this endeavour, we have identified a wide range of organic fabrics which have been responsibly produced from 100% natural sources.