Handy Dandy Handkerchiefs (Set of 3)

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 We at The House of Akshar are on a hunt to remove the Disparity amongst in our "Stree" and "Purush" or "Femme" and "Homme". 

The House of Akshar, sees its people in a different light and so we have designed a special accessory for them Handkerchiefs!

Handkerchiefs dated back in the 14th century, the most essential part of a wardrobe and yet traditionally made out uncomfortable fabrics. So many occasion we have heard people complain about their handkerchief to be harsh on their skin.

The House of Akshar team created the most unique handkerchief in the world. Made of the goodness of the lotus fibre fabric. Our Lotus fibre fabric is known worldwide for its softness. Its undeniable gentle feel will caress your skin like a fairy’s touch and nourish your skin with every use.

We created a Hypoallergenic handkerchief, designed to solve problems like nose allergy and rashes on skin. Approved by nani’s, granny’s , wifey’s and ma’s our handkerchiefs are 100% best for your skin. We promise that your handkerchiefs will grow softer and softer with every wash.

Well while creating the best organic Handkerchief for you we did not forget about the environment. We are not just gentle for you we also gentle on the environment. Our lotus fibre fabric is 100% organic and sustainable fabric. The House of Akshar leaves the least foot-prints on the environment which means by using our handkerchief you are actually saving a tree.

So enjoy the World’s best organic handkerchief designed specially for you with our sustainable love.



-Machine wash - gentle cycle
-Do NOT soak
-Use cold water ONLY
-Wash light colors separately
-Use mild detergent
-Do NOT bleach
-Do NOT steam-iron | Iron lightly
-Hang-dry in shade
-Do NOT dry-clean!


Unevenness in colour & texture of the fabric is not a fault but a beautiful characteristic of the organic fibre and sustainable processes. Any discoloration or difference from website image is a sign of authenticity for the organic fibre.
Please follow washcare instructions to avoid distortion of the fabric/garment like shrinkage or warping.